Private Department
H.E. Sheikh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan
الدائرة الخاصة
لسمو الشيخ محمد بن خالد ال نهيان
15 April 2024 - Investor Summary Presentation April 2024
08 June 2023:Private Department has been awarded the best innovative sukuk...

We are proud to share that the Private Department has been awarded the best innovative sukuk in EMEA Finance Achievement Awards 2022 held in London. Our CEO Dr. Ahmed Mansour and GM Mr. Mansoor Sulaiman attended the event on behalf of the Private Department.

08 June 2023 - The Private Department of Skh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan LLC successfully settles a US$50 million Tap of their US$300 million Sukuk issuance ...
17 April 2023 - Press Release
08 فبراير 2023 :الدكتور أحمد منصور رئيسا تنفيذيا للدائرة الخاصة لسمو الشيخ محمد بن خالد آل نهيان،،،

قرر أعضاء مجلس إدارة الدائر الخاصة لسمو الشيخ محمد بن خالد في قرارهم الصادر بتاريخ 08/02/2023 تعيين الدكتور أحمد منصور مديرا تنفيذيا للدائرة الخاصة ومشرفا على خطتها الاستراتيجية.

جاء قرار مجلس إدارة الدائرة الخاصة بعد اعتماد خطة العمل الاستراتيجية للدائرة والتي تم عرضها من قبل إدارة الدائرة واللجنة الاستثمارية في اجتماعات مجلس الإدارة التي عقدت شهري يناير وفبراير 2023 وتم بحث جميع طرق وآليات التنفيذ ومناقشة كافة التحديات وكيفية التغلب عليها وتنفيذ تلك الاستراتيجية على النحو الذي يضمن استقرار الدائرة وزيادة حجم أعمالها ورفع كفاءة الإجراءات الداخلية

بالشكل الذي يحافظ على تصنيف الدائرة الائتماني وثقة المستثمرين فيها وفيما تقدمه من أعمال.

هذا وقد كان الدكتور أحمد منصور يشغل منصب المستشار المالي ورئيس قطاع الاستثمار والتمويل بالدائرة الخاصة.

و قد أشرف بدوره على إصدارات الصكوك الناجحة خلال عام 2022 والتي تعد أولى إصدارات الصكوك في أسواق المال للدائرة الخاصة تماشيا مع رؤية مجلس إدارة الدائرة.

08 Feb 2023: Dr. Ahmed Mansour has been assigned as the new Chief Executive Officer of The Private Department of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan

In their decision on 08/02/2023, members of the Board of Directors of The Private Department of His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed bin Khalid Al Nahyan appointed Dr. Ahmed Mansour as Chief Executive Officer of the Private Department to supervise its Strategic Plan.

The decision of the Board of Directors of the Private Department came after the adoption of the strategic action plan of the Department, which was presented by the Department's management and the Investment Committee at the meetings of the Board of Directors held in January and February 2023.

All methods and mechanisms for implementation were studied , all challenges were discussed and how to overcome them, and implement them in a manner that ensures the stability of the Department's business and the efficiency of internal procedures in the form that preserves the Credit rating and investors' confidence in it and its business.

Knowing that Dr. Ahmed Mansour served as Financial Adviser and Chief Investment and strategic officer at the Private Department.

He also have led the successful Sukuk issuances in 2022, which was the first issuance of its sukuk in the Debt Capital markets of the Private Department in line with the vision of the Department's Board of Directors.

04 Jan 2023: The Private Department of Skh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan LLC successfully settles a US$50 million Tap of their US$300 million Sukuk issuance

The Private Department of Skh Mohamed Bin Khalid Al Nahyan LLC (“PD”) has successfully closed a US$50 million tap of its existing US$300 million senior unsecured Sukuk, issued in September and listed on the London Stock Exchange. The US$ RegS senior unsecured Sukuk tap offering was successfully concluded under PD’s US$ 1.0 billion Trust Certificate Issuance Programme. Mashreq Al Islami (the Islamic Window of Mashreqbank psc) (‘Mashreq’), acted as the Sole Bookrunner & Lead Manager on the tap.

In September, PD confirmed its BB- rating from S&P along with a Stable outlook while its debut three-year fixed rate Sukuk issuance was rated, one notch lower, B+ by S&P . With the successful settlement of the tap, S&P has upgraded the issue to BB- equalizing it with the Issuer rating. This tap was instrumental in PD achieving desired level of unsecured debt in their total debt profile and resulted in the rating upgrade of the certificates.

This Tap was underpinned by the strong demand from investors for PD, as can be noted from the prevailing market price and secondary market performance, and the obvious dichotomy in the ratings. The issuance benefited from swift execution on the back of investor calls and meetings arranged by Mashreq over the last month.

Dr. Ahmed Mansour, Chief Investment & Strategy Officer of PD, said: “PD continues to take positive strides in its strategy to be one of the leading residential real estate investors in Abu Dhabi. This tap issuance supports the PD’s financial strategy to diversify its funding sources by type, security & investors. The proceeds from the tap will be used for refinancing a portion of existing secured debt of PD and release encumbered assets. We are pleased to have closed this tap issuance during volatile time for global markets, building on the success of our debut sukuk issuance in September this year.”

PD established in 1964 is 100% owned by members of the Abu Dhabi ruling family and is the owner of one of the largest diversified recurring income real estate portfolios located primarily in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. PD’s portfolio has over 2,201 recurring income generating residential units, 47,002 sq. m of commercial spaces, one operational hotel in Abu Dhabi, one under-construction tower block project in Abu Dhabi and one hotel under construction in Dubai (expected completion in 2023).